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Enterprise Partnership

リアルタイム配信サービスの「Forest Notes」は、各地の森の協力によって自然の音を楽しむことができる新しいミュニケーションサービスを開発し、社会に根差した事業として、地域と連携したさまざまな活動を進め、デザインの働き、領域拡大に積極的に取り組んでいます。

Forest Notes is a real-time delivery service for the new communication service where users can enjoy the natural sounds of the forests around the country. We have been promoting activities in collaboration with local community and actively working on the design and expansion of areas with this service as business rooted in society.

都会と各地の森をつなぐ「Forest Notes」を子供たちに紹介し、自然の大切さを訴求。

都会と各地の森をつなぐ「Forest Notes」を子供たちに紹介し、自然の大切さを訴求。

Introducing Forest Notes to connect cities and the forests around the country for children and convey the importance of nature.



With the help of Itoki, we held this "Sensitive Forest Exhibition." Thanks to the many students and artists participated, we were able to share our connection with nature.



Considering an installation site for a sound-collecting microphone to deliver the sounds of the forest with the aid of local residents



At this art event, which was held in Chiba, we provided a live broadcast of the voices of the forest to the work.

Maker Fair TOKYO参加

沢山の子供たちも集まるモノづくりの祭典に参加し、野鳥や昆虫など、森の生き物のVR コンテンツ体験を実施

We participated in a crafts fair attended by many children, for which we produced a VR content experience showcasing life in the forest, such as wild birds and insects.

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