Consumer Use

Brand Designing

In order to fully draw out the value and appeal of every detail in line with the perspective of the user and the brand’s universe, we design comprehensively from product development to promotion.

Based on the brand strategy of each brand – JVC, KENWOOD, and Victor – our design expression extends comprehensively from the product itself, user interface, packaging, website, and exhibitions, all the way to advertising.

In order to fully draw out the value and appeal of every detail in line with the perspective of the user and the brand’s universe, we provide a consistent customer-experience by leveraging the various specialties we possess to implement optimal tone and manner designing at all touchpoints.


We design a consistent customer-experience from product development to promotion, based on the brand strategy.

  • Concept design/ User analysis
  • Requirement definition
  • CMF design/ User trend research
  • Development of ideas
  • Elaboration, consider mass-production, prototyping/verification
  • Package design
  • CG/movie design
  • Web/promotion

Concept design/User analysis

In order to bring out the customer-experience, we make use of tools such as journey map, use case, and persona to explore ideas based on events (experiences) instead of things (products), and envisage a realistic user-experience.

Requirement definition

We proceed with the development by visualizing issues through the clarification of touchpoints where customers can interact with the product, and the requirements are defined in coordination with the planner, engineer, sales, and designer, aiming to solve any issues.

CMF design / User trend research

Because the psychological effect that human beings gain from CMF (color, material and finish) that exist on the surface of every item is very strong, research into the five senses and CMF/user trends are reflected in our product development as part of our original design activities.

Development of ideas

Ideas are developed based on the hypothesis drawn from the concept.
Optimum experience is created by designing the app and GUI based on the same concept as the product.

Elaboration, consider mass-production, prototyping/verification

Using 3D CAD, a product form that clears the issues of mass-production and practicality, is designed. Details are polished to achieve realistic design.
Actual-size 3D prototype is used to verify wearability, operability, and usability that helps to anticipate the finished product at an early stage. These data are used to come up with more advanced products.

Package design

In order to convey the brand’s universe and express a new sense of value, scenes where the product is held in a user’s hand feature prominently in the package design.

CG/Movie design

3D 3D CAD data shortens the time required for processing and is used for flexible implementation of images for packaging and advertisements as well as promo video production.
CG/Movie design can affect the virtual space with its interactivity.

Web/ Promotion

As one of user touchpoints, web/promotion is within the scope of one-stop creation.

Project Scope

  • Research
  • Product
  • UI
  • HCD
  • CG
  • Video
  • Graphic
  • Package
  • Web