"Steadfast discovery is the source of creativity"

Based on the theme of creating new values, the field of design is expanding more than ever before.

"Discovery" of new challenges is a driving force for "creation" by encouraging "imagination," and "creation" leads to "discovery" of new challenges again.

Design is the process of changing "????" to "!!!!!" and it is for us to lead "discovered issues" to "excitement and peace of mind" of our customers.

To this end, we will leverage our accumulated know-how to make the most of the designer's sensibilities and skills, and provide our customers with excellent experiences through design.

This is the "designing to create customer values" offered by JVCKENWOOD Design.

"Think with passion, link to solution"

We believe that our goal of "designing to create customer value" requires a calm logic and understanding of emotions.

Even if the explanation is repeated in an orderly manner, people are not moved. Likewise, even if people are drawn to a shape or form, it will not be convincing unless accompanied by meaning.

JVCKENWOOD Design promises to combine logic and emotion by considering the "feelings" when the design provided is actually being used, and to create value by satisfying customers through the design.