The Art of Discovery. The Heart of Creativity.

Creating new value is the underlying theme of design, which is rapidly expanding beyond conventional boundaries. Discovering new challenges stimulates the imagination and fuels creativity, while new creations lead to the discovery of new challenges.

Design is a continuous process of transforming ???'s into !!!'s, through which we discover new challenges and create new solutions that lead to “excitement and peace of mind." By drawing upon our rich know-how, in an environment where the talent and skill of designers can reach their fullest potential, we are able to deliver a superior user experience to our customers.

This art of “creating customer value through design" is at the heart of JVCKENWOOD Design's corporate philosophy.

Think with Passion. Link with Satisfaction.

We believe that “creating customer value through design" requires both the cool logic of the mind as well as understanding the hot passion of the heart.

Explaining something over and over will not move people emotionally, and by the same token, something that just looks great on the outside may excite for a moment but fail to provide long-lasting satisfaction.

JVCKENWOOD Design strives to link logic with emotion by envisioning people's feelings as they actually use our products. Through our designs, we promise to create new value that arises from true customer satisfaction.