Expression Research

VR conversion research
of CG video
by game engine

Search for expressiveness and communication power by converting CG videos for explaining
the functions of healthcare systems to VR.

A full CG video that explains the principle of ExoCounter, a high-precision measurement system for the number of exosomes that applies Blu-ray technology, has been evolved into VR space expression by a game engine, and research on strengthening expressiveness and transmission power by this. Is working on.


Half a year in development and verification, focusing on VR conversion of the world view of original CG data.

  • Convert original CG data
    for game engine
  • Storyboard creation
  • VR space construction
    by game engine
  • Demonstration

Convert original CG data
for game engine

In order to make it into VR using a game engine, we will scrutinize the existing CG data and perform data conversion. When converting data, it is necessary to adjust the amount of data, but we will make many adjustments so that the data can be converted without destroying the original beautiful expression.

Storyboard creation

The communication designer creates a storyboard from a 360-degree perspective that can be enjoyed from all directions without changing the original CG video and the basic story.
By incorporating scenes that encourage viewers to move actively, we aim to create content that not only looks, but also gives us an experience value.

VR space construction
by game engine

Focusing on faithfully reproducing the expression of light, which is a feature of CG videos produced by our CG designers.Using the game engine, we will build a VR space while repeating verification so that the quality of CG can be expressed as it is.


Demonstration was held at an in-house event.In addition, when we exhibited the "Exo Counter" at an external medical device exhibition, we put VR content in a head-mounted display and exhibited it.
By experiencing the situation at the time of the examination, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, in VR, it became an explanation that can be understood more.

Designer comment

This was a pioneering attempt at our VR content. While verifying the potential of the game engine, we were able to gain knowledge of VR, and UX designers were also able to realize the effect of improving the experience value obtained by converting CG to VR.
In addition, the introduction of "3D sound", which has been researched in the in-house engineering department, also leads to the enhancement of the expressive power and transmission power of VR, and VR not only creates an enjoyable experience, but also "does not convey". I thought it would be a way to solve the problem.

Project scope

  • Communi-
  • Copywriting
  • UX
  • CG
  • Progra-