The“five emotion
future experiences.

The Five Emotional Sentiment Research
designs experiences by imagining
the future.

In the Five Emotional Sentiment Research, we are conducting research and development on content and services that enable people around the world to be of healthy mind and body, and to enrich their lives through their “five senses of wonder”.

We aim to create opportunities for joy, excitement, hopes and dreams, by stimulating, expanding and raising awareness of human sensibilities.

We are engaged in the design of a “mechanism” for creating and revitalizing relationships with people, and the design of content and service experiences that raise awareness and awareness of the circle of life, the atmosphere, the seawater, minerals, and so forth, that foster a sense of caring for the entire earth.

By bringing together experts with expertise in a variety of fields, we design “experiences” that enrich people's minds through their five senses.


We envisage the value of “the future” through research.
Future experiences of a few years ahead will be created using back-casting.

  • Research on the future
  • Concept designing
  • Prototyping
  • Output/feedback

Research on the future

Every year in the Advanced Design sector, we research global trends and continuously capture the changes in human values.
We also gather information on possible future events and organize them from our business as a starting point, thereby predicting major social trends.
We develop a new vision for the people of the future from changes in values and social environments.

Concept designing

As technology evolves, we envision the lifestyles of the future, build storytelling based on the five senses, and visualize it as an experience value.


In the process of creating prototypes, we will repeat our cut-and-try tests many times, which lead to an emotional experience.


We are actively participating in external events, such as holding workshops for children using completed advanced models.
Based on these observations and awareness gained through co-creation with different types of industries, we are connecting to the next step.

Project Scope

  • UX
  • Graphic
  • Product
  • UI