ForestNotes. LIVE streaming. listen to the voice of the forest. We will deliver the sounds of Japanese forests in each season live 24 hours a day.ForestNotes. LIVE streaming. listen to the voice of the forest. We will deliver the sounds of Japanese forests in each season live 24 hours a day.

The “Forest Notes” app for smartphones and tablets is now available!
Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the app can be used easily for BGM while working at home or doing other daily activities!

JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation has developed an app for iOS and Android, and released them sequentially from August 2020, so that “Forest Notes” a web site version of live forest sound distribution service operated by our company, can be easily used on smartphones and tablets.
The app and services are free of charge with no sign-up obligation, which is required for the web version, so that you can use all the functions right after downloading. In addition, the app has been revamped with a dedicated UI that allows users to enjoy images of beautiful sceneries and information on the nature of various places while listening to live music.
The “Forest Notes” app can be downloaded from the link below.
Enjoy live sounds from forests across Japan as BGM while working from home or doing other daily activities.

*“Forest Notes” is a registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
*The app provided by JVCKENWOOD Corporation

About the latest version ( Ver2.1.0 : Published February 18, 2022 )

・The operation screen and program have been partially changed according to the latest OS, making it easier to see, use, connect, and make detailed adjustments.
・By tapping the Live icon on the list screen of each place, it is possible to switch directly to the live sound.
・Links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. have been added to the setting screen, making it easier to access seasonal information in each area.
・All operation screens now support dark mode.(Some Android models are not compatible)
・Supports voice interrupts by voice assistants, making it easier to return to the sound of the forest.(iOS/WatchOS)

Google Play で手に入れよう

Benefits of “Forest Notes” app

●Enjoy live and recorded sounds from forests in various places across Japan.

・Live sounds from forests in various places across Japan, including the Shirakami-Sanchi and Hida Takayama.
・Archived sound data from forests such as Yakushima and Mount Takao are also available.
(Both live and archived sound sources are the same as the web version.)

●Natural sound BGM in tune with various scenes of daily life.

・As BGM while working at home, housekeeping or looing after children.
・To relax before bed.
・For commuting time in the morning and evening, or refreshment during a break.

・Membership registration is not required for the app version. All the functions are free of charge.
・Off-timer function turns the app off safely at bedtime.
・Also compatible with Apple Watch. Enjoyable as BGM while jogging.
(Note *You need to pair your Apple Watch with earphones or other devices through Bluetooth)
・Access recommended local information and product information from the app.

You can connect to earphones and other devices thorough Bluetooth from your Apple Watch.

Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices Recommended OS
iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad/iPad mini iOS 13 and later
Apple Watch* watchOS 6 and later
Android Android 7.0 and later

*Install the iPhone app before downloading the watchOS app.



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