Professional Use


Creating a realistic future by utilizing development resources in the corporate brand.

JVCKENWOOD Design is developing car-mount HMI for automobile manufacturers by leveraging its own brand of experience in navigation development.

HMI design solutions ranging from brand positioning analysis and strategic concepts, to optimal content proposals and data production for implementation, are offered to each customer.

Case study of a cockpit HMI study and evaluation of user experience at the time of takeover (switching from automatic operation to manual operation) which is an issue in an automatically operated environment.


We propose optimal HMI solutions, ranging from research and analysis to implementation response, in answering customer requests.

  • Investigation and analysis
  • Identify issues and define requirements
  • Concept design/feasibility study
  • Experience design and verification
  • Production mounting

Investigation and analysis

After obtaining insights about markets and users, we continue to discuss hypothesis setting.
We will deepen our understanding of customer objectives and requirements.

Identify issues and define requirements

A variety of experts, including human-centered design (HCD) experts, identify and visualize issues and share the direction of solutions.

Concept design/feasibility study

To solve problems, we set up concepts and design specification in order to examine feasibility. By increasing the spiral of this process, the accuracy of each process can be improved.

Experience design and verification

After conducting comprehensive examination of the user experience using graphics and movies, prototypes similar to the finished products are produced. By implementing PoC using software mock-ups that can actually be used and touched, usability evaluation and task verification are possible before implementation.

Production mounting

Product quality and software completeness are enhanced by creating content data based on our know-how for mass production.

Project Scope

  • UI
  • Product
  • HCD
  • Progra-
  • Graphic