Professional Use

Operation System

Offering comprehensive designing with complete human-centered design from requirement definition, verification, and on-site implementation, to public relations.

The system used to control operations when someone is talking or taking votes at a conference is called the “floor system”.
We were responsible for the product design of microphones, touch-screen panels, and venue displays as well as the GUI for the conference software. Additionally, comprehensive designing has been implemented for every user touchpoint including proposals, pamphlets, exhibits, and web promotions to support sales activities.


A year to survey and define requirements, plus another year for the development and verification.
We do our design comprehensively – not only for products but also websites and brochures.

  • Identifying and analyzing issues from existing systems
  • Defining the concept based on requirements
  • Base designing
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Confirming on-site installation
  • Color universal validation
  • Comprehensive designing

Identifying and analyzing issues from existing systems

Research and understand the applications of the system from actual video observations of assembly, as well as interviews with development sales representatives.
Based on the task scenario created from this survey, we identified the pain points and analyzed them.

Defining concept based on requirements

Key concept is defined by choosing the request that is likely to maximize the product value of the new system.

Base designing

For base designing, we place emphasis on customizability without fuss based on requests of each venue such as grouping or dividing into sections by function.

Prototyping and user testing

Interactive prototypes are created for simulation purposes.
Testing environment is created in-house for both product design and GUI design to validate issues and modifications by conducting user tests by target users.

Confirming on-site installation

Display visibility is checked at the venue.
We check to see if the displays are optimum size and adjust screen colors, etc.

Color universal validation

CUD (color universal design) verification of all operations covered in a 150-page manual is conducted on the installed system using subjects with weak colors.
We obtained CUD certification from the CUDO (Color Universal Design Organization) after correcting and modifying the items pointed out by the organization.

Comprehensive designing

With the idea of comprehensive designing, the design development extends onto sales proposal support, exhibitions, brochures, and website promotions.

Project Scope

  • UI
  • Product
  • HCD
  • Progra-
  • Graphic