Design For Social Good: connect people, society, and nature with “sense & logic”

JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation is revising the ideal form and role of“design”in a broad sense, in order to adjust and evolve ourselves in accordance with this rapidly changing world and the direction of SDGs. The most remarkable theme throughout our research activity is“Design For Social Good”. What should present-day designers think and do in order to realize a society where people all over the world can live with calm and enriched minds in the near future, based on the concept of connecting human and human, human and society, human and nature with “sense & logic”? We are reflecting such questions to design thoughts by repeating trial and error, and contributing to various social activities in cooperation with local communities and industry-government-academia.
In addition, we wish to utilize such design thoughts in normal design works and suggestion of solutions.

Creating the world where people can live with enriched feelings

We have been joining an on-site environmental education program held annually at a primary school in Meguro-ku to show the wonder of the ecosystem of forests and to review pictures of forests that children draw in response to hearing live forest sounds.

“Design For Social Good”Activities

Forest Notes

Forest Notes

“Forest Notes - listen to the voice of forests” is a free internet live streaming service to provide live sounds from forests within Japan through sound-concentrating microphones placed in the forests (5 locations), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This service is developed and run by JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation as a “sense-ware” to connect with forests and enhance sensibility.

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Forest Notes アプリ

Forest Notes app

JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation has developed an app for iOS and Android, and released them sequentially from August 2020, so that “Forest Notes,” a web site version of live forest sound distribution service operated by our company, can be easily used on smartphones and tablets.
Enjoy live sounds from forests across Japan as BGM while working from home or doing other daily activities.

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Co-creation with local communities

“Forest Notes” is operated in various co-creation activities with local communities. We seek ways to conduct activities to connect nature and people, community and city, to spread the charm of the area, and utilize such activities to contribute to regional activation through “forest sounds.”
In this section, we introduce our co-creative community activities with residents of Morotsuka-son in Miyazaki Prefecture.

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