UX Research

UX research
on VR shopping

Building a shopping space with VR
to explore the appearance of a new UX

We have embodied a VR-based V-commerce (virtual commerce) experience space where you can enjoy shopping in a space without physical restrictions. I am working on research on information etc.).
In the research so far, we have reproduced the interior space of the car with VR and realized the experience of examining and purchasing products.
We aim to increase the experience value by making it as close as possible to the actual experience, such as being able to grasp things and linking movements with avatars.


One year for research, requirement definition, and development.
Not only the VR space, but also the analog elements that make the demonstration effective are totally designed.

  • Proposal & Conte production
  • Material production
  • Authoring
  • Demonstration

Proposal & Conte production

The most important expression is unique to VR, such as changing the appearance of day and night to create changes in the scene.
In addition, the communication designer will consider the setting and story of the persona from the beginning, and by creating a continuity between the real and the virtual by the demo scenario by the copywriter, we aim to make you feel immersive and improve the experience value.

Material production

In-house CG designers create all the materials necessary for VR, such as spatial images, GUI, effect samples, narration, and BGM / SE.


The designer repeats the verification while actually experiencing it, and makes fine adjustments to the expression.
In order to eliminate the boundary between real and virtual as much as possible, we pursued a convincing and realistic spatial expression by accurately reflecting the actual movement in VR and making small corrections such as the appearance of the avatar, the space and the expression in the company. To do.


Demonstration of simultaneous connection of two people at remote locations via a network demonstrated that the same experience can be shared in the same space.
By using the game engine, we found that even if we check each other's movements in different spaces, we can experience it without a big time lag.

Designer comment

In V-commerce, I feel that it is important to have an experience that is as close to a real experience as possible in virtual space. For this reason, we held many discussions, especially with the in-house UX designers, and conducted research to improve UX while examining each expression in the VR space in detail.
In addition, it was necessary to use a high-performance personal computer and head-mounted display in order to improve the experience value, but on the other hand, in order to generalize in the future, it was also found that it is necessary to improve the specifications so that you can easily experience it. I did.

Project scope

  • Communi-
  • Copywriting
  • UX
  • CG
  • UI
  • Progra-